Are you an Affiliate marketer, are your clicks not getting sales?, that means your clicks are not just Good enough, Yes Not just Good enough. So many End up having no click or sales to there affiliate links because they apparently don’t no how to tweak there sales and make more money online . Well if your affiliate Links don’t sell it probably could be these 6 reasons your affiliate link wont make a sale.

Today I shall share a Little of the Tweaks I use to and Get The best out of the affiliate Market.

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3 affiliate marketing trick to boost your affiliate sales

1. Go After The Clicks.

Yes Make sure you get that Click, you ain’t concerned if the person buys or not but work for the click, some persons tweak this by adding a “Buy Now / Buy Later” Button on there post with the same targeted link.

That’s Not all, you could link articles image with your affiliate link, so when user clicks the cookies is set open for 90 days.

What to do?

Link images with your affiliate link.
Add Buy Now Slug
Add a View Price button
Add a Click to View Toggle option.


However There is a precaution in this instance, you don’t want to have your sales and loss your readers, one way to have both is when linking content on an affiliate link make sure it is been linked with a “nofollow” tag and make sure all links placed open in a new tab.

2. Use The Toggle Option

The Toggle option is yet another means to get that user click seamlessly, the first precaution above implies, but this time you need to link your toggle box to your affiliate link.

When you link a toggle and set an open link in new tab, it opens the direct site with your affiliate link in a new tab, unknowing to user and gives the user its required data ( say: coupon code or product discount link).

What’s Toggle function?

For those who ain’t familiar, WordPress toggle is a functioning wp short codes, that display certain information placed in it when clicked.


[toggle title=”Example 1″]Here is a Toggle[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Example 2″]Here is a Toggle[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Example 3″]Here is a Toggle[/toggle]

What to do?

Link affiliate links to your Toggle button and set it on open page in new tab, with the “nofollow” tag.


This is a perfect example for those who share coupon codes, they get to set there referral link on that particular product just before they share a coupon code.

[button-red url=”” target=”_self” position=”left”]Download WP Shortcodes[/button-red]

3. Use attractive buttons

Use attractive buttons, instead of text, use buttons having the buy now inscription, and link it to your affiliate link :- You could Create Free CSS 3 buttons Here.

[button-red url=”” target=”_self” position=”left”]Buy Now[/button-red] [button-blue url=”” target=”_self” position=”left”]Buy Now[/button-blue] [button-green url=”” target=”_self” position=”left”]Buy Now[/button-green]

4. Find the subscribers

Finding readers is one of the wisest course to take, and it would infact help in so many ways, its just yet another dynamic means, one uses in sending latest deals, and offers to his trusted subscriber so they don’t forget to update there cookies.

What to Do

Use email subscriber form , from feedburner, mailchip or aweber.
Ask for there names and mails.


Don’t buy Fake, or bulk email with unrecognized mail service, use only primary mail service, Send message with the no-reply mail tag.

Don’t spam there mail box with too many mails, make it simple,neat and clean.
Add your company address below your mail so it doesn’t seem like a spam message.

Practice content marketing

Content marketing especially with social medias like Facebook and twitter with higher number and population of users is one pretty good way to get on the top of your sales and beat your best sales record.

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