Writing is never an easy task, and if you are a tutorial blogger, who needs to write 2k words “like me” to get your readers love your content – you would surely agree that Writing is never as easy as reading.

Bloggers who write lengthy tutorial don’t fall in the habit of Writing one per day cause its really not easy Writing 5k word Meaning Article five times per day, thus they easily get into writers block.

Yes I mean – “writers block.”

For a blogger like me who writes twice in a week would confirm that Writing is my biggest stress to over come in blogging.

For instance – I would have to use first the “Google Trend” to know what’s trendy and then the “Google keyword planner” and then transfer to the “social media”, after which I get more professional ideal from “friends share and tweets from twitter”, after which I “create an image” and then “my article”.

Stressful right?

I bet you would agree – I can’t conclude all of that task within 1 day ; else you a full time writer.

But I still write !

And that means I overcame that mystery and here are 4 beneficial ways I improved my article Writing habit – Writing Quality instead of Quantity.

1. Writing is not a Do or Die

You Don’t write because you want to , but because you need to, and because its going to rank but because people and your subscribers , your readers and pals who keep visiting your blog would love it.

Tell me do you post 3 times a day ?

A User Behaviour analytic tells that an average individual could spend just 5mintues on a single blog .

Yea just 6 mintues !

Simply cause Its not a forum where live conversation could go on.

A single person can’t read 3 updates from a single blog confortably.

Thus writting 3 times a day doesn’t guratee of a serious rank, nor a better SEPR nor a better audinece .

They are so many ways to connect the right audience even with a few update the right way.

Had seen instance when a single blog updates 5 articles in a day.

Doing so would increase your google crawl rate and reduces your google index rate, cause only just a few article would be indexed – search engine would make a filter to check for the relevance with rankable keyword phrase and remove those without.

Come on check your Google webmaster – didn’t you discover even on a moderate Writing habit some of your content still isn’t indexed ?

An Entertainment update like “Dbanj is back to Court for unpaid tax and loan”
Is some worth without a rankable keyword phrase , and that wouldn’t even rank #1 on the search phrase “Dbanj”

Google knows Dbanj is a Musician.

And any who wants to search for dbanj would expect to see either – “his Music, His History , His background , and Top list songs he have made”.

Thus the point is “we” should be realistic and set achievable goals that would yield positive results.

2. if it aint making a difference , what difference does that makes?

If your telling me about Dbanj going to court again aint making a difference to my life, what difference does Writing about Dbanj Makes ?

Come on !! Over 150 Blogs have that same story.

You adding it to yours makes really no difference , and it changes nothing than increase your sites total number of post.

Else you have got the fund to boost it further.

Lengthy doesn’t mean Quality

Have any given you a plain science on how lengthy an article should be ?

Do not be mislead – Lengthy isn’t Quality.

Although writes 5 thousand words tutorial article every day , and yet its no match or comparison with wikihow which highest article is rearly 800 word per length.

Thus the ideology of Writing 5 thousand words article is just a misconception.


I wouldn’t mention Quality because like I have written on other articles Quality can’t be defined and I can certainly pin point what Quality really is .

Many defines Quality as a 5thousand – 8 thousand word article with proper Keyword optimization, and a video, plus visually compelling graphics.

But do you know google says there is what is called “over keyword optimization”, and an overly optimize webpage looks more like a squeeze page ( created to squeeze an email subscription or a page view out of the visitor )

So what would you believe ?

Quality articles really aint real, but one reason you get to rank over time and I don’t get is – the keyword research and domain authority you have over mine.

If you rank #1 (page rank 1) for another search term is a bonus to you over me in a different search term.

Links building ,domain age and keyword optimization is one easy way to get a better Page authority.

4. publish Article when you think its ready to, and not just because you need to.

So you checked your last written date article and saw its 3 days ago?

So you felt its been really long you wrote a contributing article.

Been Considerate – your niche matters in this instance.

Please don’t criticise me – I know entertainment news is always fresh and needs to be constantly updated ; but have you noticed the write style used by LindaIkeji ? The Queen of bloging ?

Little article and yet , interactive user engagement.

But seriously did you notice , when it comes to entertainment news update linda is the first to get it ?

Did you notice how many fans she have got ? So many right ?

So many to give her a reasonable amount of shares and reach.

The truth is – its one step at a time .

Have you ever Tasted Googles #1 page result for a popular page result ?

Great right ? – a page rank is there for a longer period of time for free , and not like that of social media you have to pay for.

Eloo ! – am trying to make a point – you don’t have to post if you really don’t need to , and if you not making a difference or sharing something new.

Although you want to share some thing new you need the fans to always patronise you.

You need Keyword research even as an entertainment blogger to get better SEPR ( Search engine page rank).