So you have got a blog, or probably you are new on the global term blogging, well here are 10 Insane (But True) Facts About Blogging, you probably need to get to your head, before apparently jumping into the blogging sphere.

No hard feeling, no critics, the below facts are not made to scare, you but to get you prepared for what ever you may face in the blogging sphere.

but just before i start with my unending list of facts here are words of encouragement for bloggers out there , maybe to those who probably are new to blogging, or aint making a penny yet on bloging.

Stop reading ! And get to work – stop reading the bull stories give to you by people who you really aint sure worked for them.

Try up your own success story and see what it gets you.

That’s by the ways , here are the 4 Insane (but true) Facts about Blogging

4 Insane (but true) Facts about Blogging


1. Guest blogging is still alive

Guest blogs are best ways to gain more reputation and link from other blogs to yours

How’s this Insane ?

Do you think its easy writing for a blog other than yours ?

Have you tried it ?

Have you Noticed Neil petal links Building Strategy , or perhaps pinky back linking strategy, they write numerous articles on different blogs.

Yes, I mean they submitted Guest blogging request which might take week if not two to get an approval.

But have you ever checked Neil petal ranking , or perhaps pinky’s Ranking its massive right ?

How’s this true

because those who guest blog knows the era of buying links is over, and google could penalize you if they notice a series of unnatural links to your blog , they thus concluded that the only way to build fame , recognition, and simple but yet easy traffic to there blog is to do it manually, yes !! By Guest Blogging.

There is no warranty for your blog

You could get a warranty on anything else but not a warranty for your blog.

A warranty that if it crash today you gonna get your money back, or that blog for this particular amount of time , you gonna archive maximum success.

Why is this insane ?

Its insane cause only few have the full time patience to keep hoping , and yet Google adsense aint helping issues, and yet you still doing the social media marketing , facebook aint going productive, twitter follow counts is very slow and your alexa ranking is just like a snail, this concept really makes blogging look insane, little wonder most people won’t blog, and prefer a pay job to it.

Why is true .

setting up a blog is just like a one man show entrepreneur, no one forces you to do it, and when the profit gets coming out, you won’t even remember reading this article.

Blog creation and success rating is uncertain

Unlike the pay job, its easy to hire a charted accountant or perhaps a professional business advisory to make broad based speculation on how successful a certain business would be in a given duration of time.

But in blogging – your success story is very different from mine, the way and manner I approach things would be very different from yours.

No seo expert nor a social media analyzer could predict what your blog would be like in the next 3 years, cause things could change and planning could change.

Why is this in sane ?

Who would start a business and don’t know how far he might go in a particular short period of time. ?

Really hard right !

But that’s what makes up a bloggers, they live for today blogging, to see there success tomorrow.

You can’t Build a Blog in one Night

Yea try it !!!
Try and try and try and try – but you can’t buy a host, setup a domain, chose a theme, create your essential pages , create a logo, favicon, index it on google , set up a robot page, a site map file and so many more in one night .

Why is this insane

Its insane because in blogging every process is gradual, no rush no force else you would loose more – force in the scene that, you force it on your blog, to get the rankings, the viewership which is a gradual process.Why is this true ?
because you can’t really build a house over
Night no matter how rich you are , time must over come, but you can use your money to speed up the house building rate.That’s very synonymous to blogging, you can’t build a blog in one day, but with more financial support , you could beat time a little bit.Howdy hope this article was really helpful, please post and share your comment , views and ideals below – at the comment box.