Building Backlinks is one important ranking factors nearly all search engines such as Google , yahoo, Bing yadex, ask and many more others use, in determining users place in the Top rank.

However as helpful and seamless as it seems, its side effect is damaging, Bloggers and Webmasters are advice to avoid using techniques, such as guest Blogging, and forum spam as a means to build backlinks, fact remains that just at any point in time, users might use the Google dis vow tool, and immediately that is done, you link would probably become irrelevant to that particular site, thus entering google Blacklist.

What then is the way to build Quality backlinks, if I don guest Blog, nor do I spam.

The answer is Quality and Uniqueness, this thus means that you need t go extra mile, to achieve things like this.

However its noted that Quality and unique content easily get backlinks than content found all over the web.

Example a News about Latest Gadget or phone news from sites like and would gain more than a thousand of link, cause they are unique in there content, funny to say, I just gave them a link when I mentioned about them just now 🙂 that’s quality for you.

I know right now Questions like, ey!! dude am a Newbie, where would I get funds to create videos, and be the firs to get it fresh on my Blog.

Its simple, Blog about what you know best, and not what you like, and need money to fund.

Probably choosing another niche or [Choosing another domain name ] if you are stocked to your current niche by your domain name.

Back to Business.

3 Ways to Get Backlinks through Quality Content

Be the first to write it: yes, let others see that tending new design on your Blog first, but am just a newbie, where on earth would I get latest tech info, before posting it on my Blog.

The answer is so simple, from the social network latest news is readily available, I use social network like twitter, Facebook and instagram, to get latest news posted by the official site it self, so I get to post it firsts before them.

Here is how it works.

Many people some times creates a rather irrelevant topic, having high ranking potential, due to the availability of keyword in every written article, thus your writing from social media, could be a story line, fro just a picture of inforgraphics, and explaining it in your own words with the right and relevant keywords, that way y are targeting for better things.

Write it Clean and Neat: Don’t forget to always keep it clean, so users get satisfied and impressed with your tag line of content.

Be the First to share it: let others know you wrote it first and it was you who first brought that news or info into the net. By doing things you would get more fans, readers and the latest news to offer to your readers.

Lastly I would admonish you, never to be a king in your shell, nor a champion in your locality. Don’t let your present situation decide your fate, and don’t feel to small to expand your board, others did it, leaders made it, why won’t you.

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂