So you have bought a Host, Maybe from Namecheap, or from Hostagator, you had installed WordPress CMS (Content Management System) or any other Content management system and in just a Moment you have forgotten about your Former blog, letting your Past be your past, and off you go starting a New Blog, but just before you celebrate the launch of your new blog, am sure by now, you are aware that you have just successfully lost all your content, all your readers, and your promising ranks, if you an Affiliate Marketer, you have just successfully lost all your sales, and yet to come sales, well here are the 3 final thought and things you probably need to know and start thinking before starting up a New Blog.

3+ Things To Know Before Starting a New Blog

Learn From Your Previous Mistakes

Yea! Learn From your Previous Mistake.

What was it that went wrong that makes you sick and tired of the old blog, and you probably want to run a new blog.

Is it the Ranks, The Design, The Domain name or probably the Niche market you are into?

Well learning from your mistakes and preventing it from occurring is Growing and leaving your past a past, and that could make you reduces more loses.

What are the 3 Possible Mistakes you could learn From?

1. Mistake of Choosing a Wrong Domain Name

      Choosing a Domain name could sometimes get you completely stocked to your Niche market, especially if you are strictly on a particular Niche, its some times bored when you write a particular story line/Tag Line, over and over again for a long period of time.

For tutorial it could not be bored, but for Niche Like Tech, Health and Nutrition, its bored some times, well in all choosing the right domain name for your Blog is the perfect thing to do.

Let’s assume you are already deep in your domain name, and you really want to change your domain name so you could get started with a mixed Niche or something new.

One Reasons People come up with this ideal , because it would be rather spammy, if your blog named is having music and fashion Content in it.

But am Already stocked to this Domain of Mine

      the Only Revolution to this problem is buying another domain name, creating a New logo for your Blog, indicating the new domain name , and referring the former Blog to the new one, in this case users aint lost forever, just that they would slightly notice a change in domain name

Buying a New Domain name is far better that starting a New Blog, else you start from day one.

2. Choosing the Wrong Niche Market

      This is the worst thing a Person could encounter, confused in your own market, well there are few

Successful SEO Strategy

      one could employ to get into a competitive

SEO Niche

      , if its very competitive, and you are just not noticed in your niche, or you are not just ok blogging, because your Niche is old school, too big, strict , or too complex, you just can’t handle. here is a possible solution which is Quite similar to the first option, but this is strategic, buy a new domain name that seems general, here is a Guide on doing that, add new Noticeable categories, both of Menus and navigation on your Blog, first add related content with a different niche.

E.g adding Topics like the below to a former Blog won’t get your readers confused, well this should have been after you might have changed your domain name.

1. 3+ best fashionable Phones you would love to use
2. Best fashion trends you would love
3. Three possible difference you could make as a Fashion designer

3. Wrong Content Management System

      Wrong CMS, well you could convert from one CMS to another, but you would probably lose 50% of your Viewers Interest, switching from

BBpress to wordpress

      could be easily done with just a plugin, and also from

Bloggers Blog


WordPress Blog

      , could be archived with a plugin, but from

strict CMS

      like vanilla forum to Joomla is simply of it, transferring a forum to a Blog Is not advisable SEO wise, you would lose your content, and CMS like WordPress can’t maintain link structure like that of Forums with strenuous Url String Not recommend SEO wise.

Well just before you make up you mind on starting a new blog you should also note that –
All Contents/Readers are Gone and you are back to Square One
Who knows , it could be just a matter of days, Weeks, Months or year, and you could go bigger with your current blog.

2. Your Ranks, Readers, Contents, subscribers, Capital Used and Time wasted are Gone

    That am sure is self explanatory. As a Blogger, you have chosen to write interesting content, and helpful articles, even to the end users with out them paying you, you shouldn’t be bothered about your end benefit, but the views and help you render, with that article, that article that you took time writing, changing to a new blog without informing them or taking any precaution measures would be simply you displaying the act of ungratefulness.