A WordPress Plugin Does many features one could ever want in his Blog, and through this great job most WordPress developers have made once hard working Bloggers like I very Lazy.

Usually I use to code a Meta Title My self so as to optimize my content, but with the aid f word “All In One SEO Pack” I could build a Meta data and optimize my site data the easy way.

Although they had made some functions easier, they have also made some works complicating and regrettable when you eventually remove or uninstall them.

3 Things Never To Do with A WordPress Plugin


    Never set a Favicon with a wordpress Plugin, for it woul make your site looks lame and slim when you do so, you could always use an alternative and place the code into your sites theme file.

Content inter linking

      Most plugins having the wordlift functions are never to be used on content interlinking. Most Bloggers and webmaster fail to remember is that

valuable ranking factors

valuable ranking factors

      Valuable ranking Factors, should never be joked with at all. And should be regarded as things precious as gem stone.

Seo Wise content interlink is required (linking of one article to another according to there relative importance.).

Imagine all your content are correctly and tightly linked and all of a sudden , you Deleted/uninstall the plugin , thus leaving your text link-less when search engine crawls in again.

That’s Bad Seo Practice

Create a Robots.txt file

      A robots.txt file your sites mail brain box, and th rate of indexing and de-indexing of your content relies on your robots.txt file.

Most WordPress plugin, might not properly optimize there plugin when creating a robots.txt file and its therefore important you Learn how to create a WordPress Robots.txt File