Blogging to success is every one dream yet only just a few people would tell there blog story, only just a few won’t dump there blog, and only a few would continually blog and acquire there blogging desire.

However because of many failure in attempt to build a successful Blog many referee the cause of there failure to another yet another silly excuse.

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Apparently I find every one to be responsible for there actions and architect of there problems.

For instance if your blog was spam listed and was caught having some spamy links as inbond links, that surely would be from comments or guest post, thus it is you who accepted the comment or guest post with out a cross check, you where the one who allowed that link into your blog.

Cutting the story short here are

3 silly excuses Most bloggers give for their failure

  • My niche is already overcrowded.
  • I Don’t have time writing
  • I can’t finance handling a big blog

1. My niche is already overcrowded.

    choosing a niche is one big factor which most bloggers are faced with, so many are found stocked to a certain niche due to of there domain name or because of interest in Blogging a particular niche, in issues of domain name many people choose domain name that gets them stocked to a particular niche.

There is a Difference between a Blog-able domain and a Niche Domain.

Characteristic of a Niche domain.

  • Possess one or more phrase of a keyword.
  • Written article are not changeable.
  • Content are determined by the domain name.
  • It gains high page authority.
  • Most time receives low traffic


Characteristic of a blog-able domain name

  • Any article can be written
  • It has low page authority.
  • Has no keyword phrase and some times domain content are not determined by the domain name.
  • Receive lot of traffic

To avoid getting stocked to a particular niche make sure you choose a unique domain name,after all you could always build a page authority to your blog. Usually I choose a domain name that tells nothing of my content, so when I change my mind, my as per what to write my flexibility would be as fast as the speed of though.

2. I Don’t have time writing

      To me this shouldn’t be an excuse, you should have in mind that when you decide to start up a blog you would write as many article as possible so as to get more readers.

Thus this isn’t an issue after all.

However chatting with so many Bloggers I got to figure out 2 main factors making Bloggers give this silly excuses.

  • 1. They don’t have a personal PC.
  • 2. They have a busy schedule.

In issues of not having a personal Laptop so many Bloggers don’t have the time going to cyber cafes, or using there Smartphone Blogging and thus they won’t have the time to neglect important activities sitting down Blogging, hoping and praying for miracle to come.

Otherwise is having a busy schedule, maybe secular jobs, or school and so many other things won’t let them write for there blog.

But here is a way to sort this out.

Try writing at least once in a week. At least 5 for a whole day and schedule the 5 post for the full week, and next week you do the same.

All together you would have

5 post x 4 weeks in a month = 20 post in a month. That’s a lot of post altogether.

However this style of writing goes with a caution : make sure that any thing that keeps you away would be what keeps you away and should never take you back to that your blog unless the planned date you would want to write again.

3. I can’t finance handling a big Blog

      Understandably, Blogging need finance, but belief me you all what you paid you would forget at the very first day you get your first pay from Blogging.

In fact so many Bloggers dump there Blogging aspiration because they don’t have the money to finance it, maybe the money to pay for host subscription and many more.

In conclusion 

If you think you can’t finance a big blog, do a niche blog, where all you need is few amount and no social signal strength to excel.

In all, they is actually no better excuse if you find your self not excelling in blogging.