Basically, They are two types of SEO Practice, The SEO white Hat and the SEO Black Hat, let’s take a tour and let me briefly explain what these two kinds of SEO Practice means.

The SEO White Hat
This is a rather a lengthy SEO practice, with the view of SEPR, and More organic search visit, following the SEO guidelines, given by the various search engine, so as to ensure Quality service to those who uses the Search engine.

The SEO Black Hat

The SEO black hat is the rule breaker for those who breaks the rules.

The SEO black hat has its various Practice just like the SEO white hat, However this kind of SEO practice is just for a short while.

Things Changed, Search engine is got smarter, and the tenor of getting back links,Guest blogging and sharing of links through spam comment which made it seem like a child’s play to tweak search engine is over.

The Rule is always White
White is always Clean
Black is always Dirty and corny.

Let me make an Impression clear
Practicing SEO means hoping for search visit and search traffics which is highly precious than that from Social Media and many others, this is so because search visit from social media could be bought, but can never be bought in social Media.

However The black is just for a short period of time, really short, before search engine would notice your scheme and give you an instant ban.

Back to business ยป 3 SEO White Hat Techniques That Really Works

Today I am not going to talk about the SEO black I would leave that for another day.

But here ยป

3 Seo White Hat Techinuques That Really Works


1. Links Building


Links Building is the Important aspect of SEO, its never neglected and had never been neglected.

Quality still matters a lot, and can never be compromised.

Here are few SEO white hat ways to get quality back links as recommended by Search engine.

Author Bio:
I recommend you place your site link on Author Profiles and website fields n social medias and social book-marking sites you trust.

This process is slow before it gets indexed but with time its outcome is fascinating.


2. Use Social Media


I am so sure you know building back links isn’t a day job, and at such should be taken as one, using social media or social bookmarking site such as, stumble upcon , digg, is never a promising house that you going to earn back links and you going go viral, its a very slow process, that can be speed up with only patience.

Some times am sure might. Hae seen
Some blogs with links from high social media such as reddit pinterest and many others, well they didn’t start all in a day, but day after day, and now they have got it.

Believe me you – “A Link From Social Media is better than Thousand links from Thousand Blogs.”


3. Content

Content is the King, and your content tells all about your blog, your content Is the reason search engine keeps indexing you, proper placement of content is why you make more sales.

However there are Some few Guilines that makes your content a bit diffrent from the crowd and makes you stand out.

Professionalism shows on content located within pages of a blog.

However just copy pasting some text to some allready placed field by some plugins isn’t what SEO is all about.

Its all about content.

After all low end Platforms like forums and the blogger blog, which doesn’t have that option enabled still got a better rank in Search engine.

Below are Few things to make sure and take note of while writing your article.
Keyword in < h1 > tag,
Keyword in first paragraph
Keyword in title
Use of Sub headings
< H2 > – < h5 >
Leave white lines (paragraph)
Bold some text.

Hope That was helpful ๐Ÿ™‚