Plagiarism is simply the act of unlawful copy of copyrighted content by the author to another source in a way claiming ownership.

So many Fall prey of copy pasting content(especially the newbies), due to lack of content ideal generating techniques which is very simple.

Sadly, the effect of copy pasted content and its SEO reward is very wired.

Just before I start my usually story of lengthy and illustrative tutorial here are the three side effects of copy pasted content and how you do them unknowingly.

3 Side effect of Copy pasted Content [plagiarism]

– Instant Ban From Search engine when noticed.
– Third party service won’t place ads on a theft blog.
– Users are likely bored with your updates and content since its just the same word for word in other Blogs.

3 ways you practice plagiarism unknowingly

– Using The Free keyword generating tool.

When you use free keyword generating tool , you should bear in mind that it display the same keywords in all cases to any who needs it and used the search tag you used, you could write on a topic like samsung Galaxy S3 full phone specification – which other blogs might have written about.

2. Writing a summary of an article you read.
Some times its seamless but it is always noticed , if it comes from you or you just hooked write ups and change few stuffs in it, leaving the title unchanged.

3. Forgetting to change the title
There is only one side effect of this which is , leaving your articles unsafe, most blogs uses DMCA take downs, and at such takes reading of sites suspected to be having the same content as there’s, the DMCA take downs works strongly on detecting titles of pages in the web and next it takes down those pages and do not give them a better rank on search engine because a DMCA report has been sent.

What to do ?

Consider using paid Keyword planner tool.

Always placed a source link to copy pasted materials or ideals not setup by you, it takes no time.

Back to business ยป you had seen some side effects of plagiarism referred to as copy pasted content. And also 3 ways you practice plagiarism unknowingly.

3 Professional ways to avoid Plagiarism [copy pasted content]

1Paraphrase/Change the Title


Yes change the title and do some work around and make it simple shorter or interest arresting, and safe your self from the hook of DMCA take downs

2Write what you understand not what you read

Always Write what you understand about a particular topic, be it tech news or any other printed article, doing this you would be able to add few of your words in it, and make it more lengthy, interesting and fact-full than the first writer

However you wrote what you understood,but the real source might be traced, based on factors like date in which the two article where published and similarities between them.

Changing little words like pretty,fine,handsome, and cute to good looking explains the same facts and infact search engine such as Google with updated and high end algorithm system detect this little mistake.

Here calls for the importance in giving source link.

3Learn to Give Credits

Identifying your self as some one who actually moved a pie from the plate didn’t display an act of theft, for if the owner needs it back he/she could get back to you at any time, and it also shows that you are seriously aware of the implication of theft and its side effect.

Giving source link of a particular story you tweaked cause you needed to share it to your fan isn’t a stress at all, in fact it is compusry you add the link from where you got a content from so as to seal a clear alteration you didn’t claim authority over the written article but you lend it.

Three reasons to always Give a Source link.

1. Shows act of professionalism.
2. Tells the significance and the originality of the story you wrote.
3. Avoid the Penalty of plagiarism.

In all you get the wrath of plagiarism if you brake the SEO rules, and even if you are gonna practice plagiarism, always tweak the title or headline so it doesn’t turn back at you if the real owner takes on DMCA take downs.

Plagiarism is also practice on written article and photos. If you copy an image not taken or created by you it is very essential you add a source/reference, or an Image Credit link.

Hope that was informative ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep Tuned for fresh tutorial like this.