Alexa is a popular web rank check tool which help webmasters check the rank of there website easily.

Statistic data gotten from Alexa are based on three core factors which are rather old school however Alexa is still popularly used by many bloggers.

Advisably Alexa web rank tool or any other web rank checker tool should never be used in determining in-depth performances of a Blog or website.

What is Alexa
What Really is Alexa page rank checker
Its an online toll or software, that determines and tell about a site performance.

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3 Funny Facts and Myths about Alexa Web Rank Checker

1. Its Rank system is based on Site links to
2. Cant easily update site rank having high number of site views
3. Alexa rank can probably be tricked.

1. Its Rank system is based on Site links to: For a certainty i noticed sites having visit board on a specific search keyword don’t get there site rank updated by Alexa that easy.

Funny enough most new blogs with lesser traffic search engine page result (SEPRE) andย  Click through rate
(CTR) having the higher ranks.

They are few factors the Alexa web rank tool miss out in keeping accurate measurement of traffic.

Some of which includes, valid clicks, sites relevant links to and web traffic.

On my next article on Alexa web rank tool i shall share how and why This factors are important.

Talking about Alexa ranking system, fairly can you see a blog having much sites links and less Alexa rank.

However a better web rank tool should take this vita factors into consideration.

No hard feelings ๐Ÿ™‚ Alexa web rank tool is probably one of the highly recognized web rank checker tool out there, and its considerably used by many and by those who really want to get insight of a blog or website.

Funny enough people uses the Alexa web rank checker tool as a means of site competiveness.

Whats an high rank with out no revenue no income or no commission, its there fore unreasonable to use the Alexa web rank checker tool as a measure of site competiveness.

2. Cant easily update site rank having high number of site views: This is one funny features i noticed about Alexa, and seriously its do funny, it gives little of its rank to site having extremely high amount of views and then judge a higher ranking to little sites with little amount of traffic and Clicks from search engine.

3. Alexa rank can probably be tricked: Yes Alexa web rank tool could be probably tricked, am not going to go over the trick process cause its disputed in my ethics ,but consider, if Alexa web rank tool gives its judgement based on total quantity links and not quality and also on traffic underlying the source.
Buying links and traffic could actually put you ahead of your competitors, however buying links, traffics and clicks to your site is not recon by must Seo audit and its regarded as a bad seo practice – the Seo black heart.

Since Alexa can be tweaked why use it as a guard monitor on knowing your site inhdepth performance, but use it as an outlet to know how far you had gone.