So you want to Start a Blog, or maybe a new Blog, well I won’t go over the story of guidelines on helping you start a new Blog, but had once written an article titled :- 3 things to Know before starting a Blog, where I laid few emphasis about the down side of leaving your old Blog, that’s by the ways.

Assuming you want to start a New blog, all you should think about right now is what niche would you go choosing.

I won’t go over telling what a niche is , but the top profitable niche you probably should starting using today, if you are thinking of starting a new Blog.

Please Note:- the Niche listed below are applicable to new Blogs only.

20 List Of Most Profitable Keyword Niche To Blog About

1. Credit Cards

2. Mortgages

3. Loans

4. Finance

5. Digital Cameras

6. Mobile Phones

7. Gaming

8. Health and Fitness

9. Money and Finance

10. Relationship

11. Food

12. Travel

13. Beauty

14. Education

15. success tips

16. Happiness

17. Blogging

18. Insurance

19. Notebooks

20. Failure

Well am sure the above are the best Profitable Keywords you could dabble in and get a monetary reward in the future. But what am not sure of, is :-

” the above keyword Niche might not work for you.”

Choosing a Keyword Niche requires putting so many things into consideration, which I would explain in my next article.

But for the now, while not Relax and put the above Niche into consideration.


  1. Pls I will need your mentoring on successful blogging. I have a strong passion for it and I will need a sincere person/teacher like u to take me higher on it. Pls send me ur email address.

    • ELOO @ Delebambo, i really love your passion for blogging, and just like you , that was how i started.

      But here is a Code to successful blogging

      Work, Write, Spend, pray and patience

      Pray ? funny right ? yes pray cause not all blogs are successful, and only those who are successful live to tell the story, just be ready to spend , and read any context you get your hand on, i mean ebooks, kindle files, videos and podcast, lastly to become successful in blogging carrier , leave the frees, no one makes a success from it now adays, only few people did, and it was back then when blogging wasn’t competitive, its against my ethic to mention the service having the free’s but am quite sure you know these service.

      that’s that @Delebambo thanks for stooping by my article, please have a wonderful day. and don’t forget to always check for more update.