pagerankIf you a blogger and all you care about is traffic, then you should be concerned about PageRank also.

Pagerank is a stylish analysis algorithm system used by top search engine to rank sites authencity and traffic stat – for instance one needs no suite sawyer to say a website like gets over a million monthly views judging that it has Page rank 9.

The page ranking system is checked from โ€œ0 – 10.โ€ Please don’t misquote me a pagerank โ€œ0โ€ Blog could also see tones of traffic to his website, but a pagerank 0 blog/website haven’t find its spot on the web.

Yes I mean finding that spot, where all you do is seat and fold your harms while you get tones of free traffic due to your No.1 position on search engine for the keyword you ranking for.

If you have got a page rank that means you ranking for a keyword and that means crazy traffic to your blog and that means More money ! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I was just kidding although…)

So back to the subject of discussion

20 Actionable Tips to Increase Page Rank Quickly

  1. Keep writing to find a Rank
    From research the page rank stuff comes from an unexpected angle, especially on less competitive low ranked keyword.

However only a reasonalble amount of few get to check keyword competitiveness before writing.

For instance a keyword like “Car Quote” might get just 9k monthly research yet it has $38 buyers intent (Maximum bid) and that’s a good example of a – low search rate high competitive keyword.

Thus the truth is just keep writing, keep writing, both highly competitive and low competitive, to get to find a page rank someday.

  1. Build backlinks
    If there is one major factor I think has an abort effect on your blog Page Rank I think Backlink count is one of them.

You don’t expect a 200 backlink blog and a 10 backlink blog to have the same pagerank even if that of 10 backlinks go for a lower competitive keyword – backlink building is still one major factor that still count in blogging up till date.

  1. Guest Blog
    Get your link placed in anchor text and keyword you would like to rank for.
    So what you need do is guest blog.

I think reading this article would help you gaining a Guest blogging opportunity [read article here].

  1. Use Forum signatures
    I noticed forum signature are better way to get Dofollow Links to your blog, and the more your participation in more forum, the more your dofollow links, the more you increase your backlinks, and the more you increase your potential of getting a pagerank someday.
  2. Interacting in forums
    itโ€™s no crime to get a thousand link from a single blog, as long as its a valuable link, although link from the same source are grouped as one – increasing your sites total link by getting more links in increasing participation in forum boards isnโ€™t an odd ideal.

Participation like, commenting regularly, linking your articles and creating topics.

  1. Don’t stop at 2
    So you did keyword research and saw some basic exploit to get ranked , I mean you saw a rankable potential your competitor failed to notice.

Well my kind advice is that you shouldn’t stop at 2, the whole ideal of pagerank stuff is all a myth, yes all myth, there is no direct theory that says do this , do that this would happen, No! But not stopping at 2 and continuous writing until you find your rankable stop is the key to getting a pagerank soonest.

  1. Use Google suggestions
    So many people don’t listen to Google and that’s one reason Google don’t listen to them.

Google suggestion is yet another keyword generating tool you could pick rankable keywords from and get ranked on search engine.

  1. Check your server down time
    Always check that your server down time don’t falls at dawn i.e 9 – 12(pm) , and also make sure it don’t falls on 6 – 11 (am) , these are times where search engine sets there crawelers.

Granted every site/blog must have a server downtime, but just make sure your server downtime doesn’t take longer than it should, if it does I would advise you change your host immediately.

  1. Create unique content
    Sites and Blogs with High-PR don’t create already published stories.
    Sites like forbes and INC writes unique content and that’s one reason getting a pagerank is a sure bet for them.

Sincerely you don’t get ranked if you not making a difference, you don’t get ranked if you don’t have a 100% score in content originality.

  1. Avoid plagiarism
    If you didn’t create a Video, if you didn’t take a photo if a photo is water-marked – please don’t use it.

It changes nothing if you donโ€™t, but it could cost you your blog and more so your probability of getting ranked if you do.

Copy righted stuff are protected stuff and shouldn’t be found around your blog.

  1. Build a strong social media connection.
    From my little observation, Blogs who get a page rank in a competitive niche have strong social media presence.

Talking about Forbes, about Mozila about, about linda Ikeji , warrior forum and so many others.

  1. Comment on related blogs
    this is also one of the best ways to build backlinks to your blog from related sites / blog.

You might also want to consider commenting of comment luv enbled blogs to get Dofollow backlinks [click here to view].

  1. Check your domain Age
    your domain Age have an effect on your domain authority, your domain authority has an effect on your page rank and SEPR.

You see , search engine trust blogs who have a lengthy Domain Age, cause they believe you here to stay, than blogs who have few months to stay.

  1. Article Submission Directory
    Article submision directory like Ezine , Dmoz and Alltops are good ways to increase your page rank, cause they increse your site total link, and a single link from Ezine article or Dmoz is far better than a thousand link from a thousand blog.
  2. Increase Internal Links
    Increase site internal link ratio, I.e create more articles, more pages add a forum if needed, so your blog looks like a functioning blog and not just a blog created to generate income.
  3. Build Outbound Links
    Building outbound links simply means building web content that get links.

Eloo I don’t mean to repeat procedures but please would you hear me out !

The link building process isn’t just a simple to follow routine, thus it is therefore advice we build rankable and linkable article, articles that a probably to be called a refrence point article where fellow bloggers even proffesional bloggers redirect others to, in form of anchor link, refrence point or source URL.

In all building outbound links simply means you create content that gets linked.

  1. Build social profiles
    Be presence in various social media, it gives you more recognition and a probably potential of getting on googles front page with no stress.
  2. Don’t keep low Quality inbound Link
    For as long as you want to rank ghigh don’t have any thing to do with things that weighs you down, I repeat dot keep low quality backlinks.

Make reference and point to links that are of high quality , I mean links with high domain authority and domain age.

  1. Practice keyword research before writing
    Don’t be a confused blogger, search before you write, make keyword resarch for every article you write so you don’t spend precious time writing high Qualiity article for a low ranked keyword, thus don’t making you have any assumed rankings.
  2. Be patience a little longer -just Wait!
    I didn’t get a page rank for my other blog studyhowtobuild… Until the 2nd year of updating the blog.

Forget about any scienece that tells you to blog for 6 months, and google would update his pageranking algorithm.

Sorry things don’t work that way.
Just a little while longern could get you a page rank, don’t expect ranking for your blog so Quick and easy.