Every one wants to look Good, yes, I know how you feel when you bump into a professional looking Blog / website design you wish your Blog could have.

Ey bro, the issue is not because its a CSS3 website , neither is it because it has fancy icons nor fancy text but because there Blog didn’t look awkward.

I understand you would like to get a perfect simple, clean and SEO Optimised WordPress theme , but Ey bro!! getting a theme is not all that matters but managing the theme is what really matters.

Here –
12 things that makes your Blog looks awkward

1. Design

What’s the design of your Blog ? And how does it make your Blog look awkward ?

Ey bro, Try Changing the sidebar position of your Blog from left and to right , and see the difference – it makes your content look very different right ?.

Try de-activating the footer and re-activating it, and see the difference it brings.

Try using a small thumbnail size ( 150 x 150 ) and (700 x 350) and see the changes it brings.

Howdy, the difference is the design choice –
Where its been placed.

Its your choice and I really don’t want to go over a specific science of doing this and not doing this.

But Note : if you have any reason to use the Full Image thumb, try make your blog look simple, detach any extras , and use stock image only.

2. Content

Its not because my Blog has the rating functionality or the post paginating feature but because the contents are well optimised, structured.

Analytic report tells that users are more engaged on Blog that has well written and optimized content.

3. Use Of Grammar

Your choice of grammar matters a lot, and it could make your Blog vastly look awkward, you don’t want to make a grammatical blonder on your article, I know no one is perfect but trust me a professor won’t view it that way 🙂 .

4. Too many banners

Most popular with the India Bloggers – Use of Flashy Banners that tends to get more attention than usual.

Adding too many banners on your Blog makes your content look less attractive and in turn your Blog awkward.

5. Javascript

One thin you really don’t want to get messy with on your Blog is “Javascript” compulsory pop-ups or sneaky redirect, it makes your site really looks awkward because people become less attracted to what they would get and read, after wasting precious time trying to skip the javascripst on your Blog.

6. Ugly images

If you use the 700 by 350 thumbnail size, just make sure you use stock images, and make sure the images look clear and loads fully before you download and upload it.

Also make sure you don’t use images smaller than that of your thumbnail size.

If thumbnail size is 750 x 350 don’t use a 350 x 270 size image else the theme would crop the image and thus make it have low Quality.

7. Too many colors

The difference between that awkward looking Blog and that decent, smart cool looking Blog is choice of color, it matters a lot.

You really don’t want to use too fancy and attractive WordPress theme having colors such as e.g Red , Yellow , lemon , Gold & pink. It some times makes your Blog look childish and irregular.

8. Too many Pop ups

Your Blog looks extraordinary awkward if you have got too many pop ups like a ninja, it really don’t tell professionalism.

Sites having millions of subscribers didn’t archive this by unprecedented/compulsory pop-ups and thus disturbing users readability.

9. Unresponsive design

One thing your really wanna watch is your mobile readers, a user reading from a mobile phone is very comfortable reading from his Mobile Phone, and result shows, one reading from mobile could read up to 15 articles on a single page, while those on a PC has 5minutes.

If your Blog looks too Big to navigate , too large to scroll side by side, it makes it look awkward and really not easy for low ends smartphone to access your Blog.

10. Load time

No one has the time to stay on a page that just won’t load, yes, if your Blog takes ages to load its awkward.

For one it makes users loose consideration in reading your article plus increases your site bounce rate.

11. Write Style

Yes your write style – its awkward if you fail to use punctuation and fail to leave white spaces , yes writing your article like its a comprehension passage.

White spaces or Paragraphs gives your article a real taste of professionalism.

12. Site load weight
Don’t think every one is in the new age, and don’t think every one is in the stone age.

Most people didn’t access your site from a 4G or perhaps 3.75G internet connection, some did from EDGE (2G) and others from GPRS.
Your Blog is awkward if it spends over 15MB on its load time to load a single page.

That’s it Howdy , my very own observation and theory – stay bless

By the ways Thanks for reading.