facebook-rules-680x61210+ Social Media Rules you really Don’t know

Trending lately, Social media plays a very important role in People’s life. Although it seem easy as filing up few forms taking just about 3mins on any social media platform which takes just require your email , full name and a desired password. Trust me –how I wished it was that easy, believe me you, getting a social media account isn’t as serious as – “Getting attention on your Social media profile”.

Everything in life have got rules, I mean rules that keeps you from breaking the privacy policy of the social media platform you are using. Yes you need the rules because you need to strategize on how to maintain a high standard on Social Media.
Here Are 10+ Tips To Help You On That.

  1. Fill Out Your Profile Details
    Don’t just sign up in any social media and leave it that way, fill up the social media details, yes it makes you look real, just imagine if a person like “matt” Co-founder of “WordPress” or “Harsh Agrawa” CEO at “shoutmeloud” or like “Neon Emmanuel” of “” or perhaps “Neil petal” of didn’t add a profile image to their profile, every one would think they are just one spam accounts kept there for no just reason.

Sincerely filling up every profile details on your social media platform makes you look real, and more like a pro .Also ensure to include information about yourself, your business and how to contact you (skype ID, or E-Mail address).

  1. Connect with the right people

Ensure you are connecting with people of similar interests. Follow people who likes and share same aim as your brand/ business.

That way you build a brand and a name in the heart of your users, if you plan on dominating the social media with the “Follow for a follow technique of with the “Harsh Tags” I think you could [click Here] to read this article which I covered every important facts and ideals you need to connect the right people.

But the Question is why connecting with the right audience?

  1. Build fame
  2. Build a Brand
  3. Share contents that get seen
  4. Build a different social presence.
  5. Pick a username that represents you and your business
    your username will affect how first timers will see you. Don’t choose a username you don’t want to be known with.

Its recommended you flow with how the pro’s does stuff, for instance am Neon Emmanuel, and my twitter handle is @neonemmanuel, my blog is shoutershub and my twitter handle is @shoutershub.

However sometimes you might want to stay unique with the username or handle stuff, all you need do is add and underscore (“_”) , giving us something like @Neon_Emmanuel or @shouters_hub.

  1. Consider before you share
    Don’t put anything you don’t want someone to see in future, especially your Employer or Clients.

Yes! Make your business page look like your real business, don’t make jokes or change the game on your business page on the social media.

If you are not a business, perhaps a day blogger, just make sure that you create a social media account for each separate blog, so you build a strong hold of interaction between your readers and you.

  1. Check out the People sending requests to you
    your friends portray what you are or what you do. Don’t just add anyone, because you will be judged according to the kind of company you keep.


  1. Don’t let your emotions reflect in your posts.
    Stay away from posting when you are not in a good state of mind. It will affect the way you see things.
  2. Don’t approach people for the sole aim of offering them your services.
    Don’t go about adding people and telling them about your services. It makes you lose credibility easily, in-facto it makes you look like a spammer.

Let them contact you, through your shares and regularly update in a matured and predefine way, that way they get to value you and the service you might offer, watch out they would be the one tanking and contacting you.

Like B Brain CEO of Blokube and Blongengage.

  1. Review your posts and updates for grammatical errors.
    Go through your posts over again before publishing them. It is better to type in word processing software to check automatically for spelling and grammatical errors than to make a grammatical blonder on the social network most fans won’t see things that way.
  2. Make Manual Shares

I Know Buffer ,Linkaspha hootSuite and so many automated social sharing software saves you close to 1hour: 30mins every day, but they leave a stain in your social media platform, like Buffer Does, so many fans don’t like the automated shares, for no just reason.

But the truth is if it is not manual it is never manual , doning things manually makes you have the control of your social page and not spamming others while making shares with some automated programs.

  1. Make a Plan

Choose when and what hour to make your social shares, Mid Night does it, or perhaps just before twilight 4 -5:30, just make a plan on when to make your shares every day, research has it that when you set out time and plan to make shares on your social media it makes your readers and fans ready to have your news at the appointed time when you post stuff.


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