Do you need a Working Plan the pros use to jump start there social media marketing plan ? , having a social media marketing strategy doesn’t guarantee a success in the social Media Marketing sphere.

Well to make a success in your social media marketing strategy, you need the plan, and part of the key factors are ” Plan it right , do it right, employ others, research strongly, give it a try, appoint duties , consistency and hard work”.

Generally I mean – social media marketing, so get your mind of me talking about specifically facebook, twitter alone, Nop am talking about all social network.

9 Social Media Marketing Strategy you should try today

Pick the Right Social Media.

One thing you really don’t want to do is register in a thousand social media, and have no time and resources to market your product or service on them thus Knowing the best social media for your Niche, is all that really matters.

The best way of sorting this out is, identifying your customer choice source.

One better way to do this is to check your customer interest , product that gets the most likes, shares and comments on the social network.

Its easy, use Google analytic.
All you need do is forsake a day in a week to study your real time viewer metrics, gather info from the traffic source, to predict what social Media your readers are probably coming from.

Another is determination by product type and nature.

If you are an online mall that sells phone or gadgets, just forget about pinterest, and make a “U” turn to facebook.

If you are on fashion and style using pintrest more frequently isn’t a bad ideal.

Plan an Effective content Marketing strategy

Social Media are best places to promote your articles, post , ideals, business and thoughts.

And you should know without it, your content would be like a stack of trash bags, placed across the road side.

Great Content and Social media Marketing, contributes a lot to your social media success , its infact a better tactics every social media marketer should know.

However they are 4 key factors affecting the effectiveness of content on the social media.

1. Nature of things you share
2. Time of sharing
3. Frequency of sharing
4. Use of Image (Extra)

Plan your Share frequency and Timing

One Quick way to get close to 100 unfollows and 100 unlikes from the social media is , not planning and setting the right time to write, post and share.

One fact you should know is, not all followers and fans on your social media page are legit followers, some follows you because they really want to, or just don’t know how they got to follow you.

You get to lose them, when you let them know they are following you – when you annoy them.

Yes I mean annoy them.

Bothering them with too many post at a specific time, when they really ain’t engaged to your content.

You remember that instance, when you log on your social media account and a certain user gets sending you irrelevant updates or auto posting on your every profile, remember , you grew annoyed and had to remove the Dude, if you didn’t even go further as blocking him.

Baam , That’s How it works !!.
When you don’t plan your posting time, and frequency well you lose more readers than you gain.

One better tool to avoid this is by using – Facebook Page Insight tool.

The facebook Page insight, shows your user engagement rate for every page you manage, and if you try to change your social media marketing strategy, it shows how far the changes you made took you.

Plan The Market

The trend of social media marketing increases almost every day, personally I and so many who had used social media in the right way, would surely plan to increase the budget for the next adverts.

Reason be that, the social media is no market place, its a place where people who loves your stuff goes to.

And you as a marketer needs to plan to meet there needs – planning this require you have a list.

A list of daily or monthly budget That you would use.
Example of tool I recommend are – Landing Pages, social media monitoring, email
marketing and CRM, graphic designer etc.

price listing them, comparing them, and make broad based speculation.

Watch your spending

Making hypothesis based on seen analytic, would help you plan what social media market would really work for your business, I believe you should make a social media advert according to your assumed yield from your business , and total money budgeted for productivity, and not doing it in a radar (randomly).

For instance – you Threw 50$ on a well planned social media ads on say “facebook” on a keyword say ” real estate”.
You skilled your plan, targeting a country like say united kingdom, and made a specific age grade of 30 – 50years ; who would really want to know about your service and business.

Don’t be shocked if facebook gives you a probably to reach figure of “100 only” yes 100 page views for 50$, one thing for sure is trends like real estate are really expensive to promote.

One thing never to do, is to exceed your budget limit, to attain more achievement, I mean adding more box to your market plan to reach more people, I mean, exceeding 50$ to 80$ doing so would make you unsettled.

Employ Others !!

You really don’t want to do every thing your self.

Excuse me !! Social media marketing is more comprehensive than using and auto post script it goes further as employing a specialist to do the job for you.

Imagine you running 5 different social media all by your self.

It doesn’t work that way, you have got other things to think about, I mean, personal things, family matters, baby kicking , mum calling, why not leave the work dedicated for others who won’t get “marketers block” and probably won’t feel bored in doing what they do, cause the work becomes more lesser ?.

Try it !!

Trust me, there is one thing every one teach’s and tell you, but not, how a particular research would work for you .

No one knows, what marketing strategy could be the turning point for you.

To keep it safe, all you need do is try it.
I know it could drag a couple of box from your budget , but just try it.

It could be , users don’t get engaged to your social shares and ads because you use too small images, or the colour combination of image used are too colourful and thus irritate the sight of the readers.
Or your business strategy could grow with an the use of comic photo instead of the regulars?

All you need do is try it.

Understand your Market

Try doing research, before you make a step into bidding your money on social media.
For instance, the latest trend of social media marketing is Dominating social Media with Hash Tags, which is another must try method for internet marketers.

You could check the Trendy Social media Topics Every one love’s and make an effort of using them, on the way it affects your business.

In this article I explained how one can maximise its social media reach, with the implementation of posers, triggers, and interest arresting prefix.

Or you could check my personal Killer social media promotion strategy that really works (specifically facebook).

Set Business Goals

Set smart business goals, what’s your aim on marketing on a social page?
Get more leads ,more readers, more subscribers or more sales ?.

One reason so many find them selves throwing much money into the social network and getting few box in turn is because , they didn’t even have a reasonable goal, of running a social media ads.

For instance you could set up a Lead or Squeeze page, that gets you more legit subscriber.

Assume you run an ads on fb, say 50 dollar on keyword like , say “baseball jersey”, at least you are guarantee to get close to 100 views,however with fancy CTA buttons (Call to Action) and subscriber bar and popup well placed on your blog , you are sure to attain more legit subscribers to your email List.

In setting a goal for your self I recommend its a reachable goal, its with in a time frame and its an achievable goal.

Don’t Compromise when making Comparison

Because you ran a facebook ads test, and found out, it gave you few percentage of probably to get Page views.

Doesn’t mean you should switch to pintretest.

Research shows that , most popular social media are different in there special features and function.

You get more views on Facebook by friends feed, friends activity (shares, likes and comments)

You get more views on pintrest by Pins you follow and follow you , it thus mean your image needs to be super attractive, super clear and super informative, to get a pin.

On twitter – you get more page views by mere retweets, and favourites.

They all have different object.

So its not a good ideal compromising facebook for twitter on your social media marketing plan, because of say, lack of fund or what so ever reason.

In Conclusion
Here the social media Marketing Plan you should try out.

Set Business Goals
Understand your Market
Try it
Employ others
Watch your spending
Compare The Ads rate
Plan your Share frequency and Timing
Plan an Effective content Marketing strategy
Pick the Right Social Media.
Don’t compromise when making comparison

Please connect with me by the comment box below, what other social media marketing plan do you wish to share?