There are so many SEO links building techniques, and sad to say, so many don’t work, shocking enough the list of Seo building techniques when compile together could get up to 100 and counting, cause they are many, different ideal, opinion and many more.

But the real question is what seo strategy really works, so many people had been practicing links building technique as a Source of quick page authority and because it is recommended by many seo firms, and there by go about doing it the wrong way, such as buying links, and buying Directory submission, which does more harm than good.

But does buying links, and paying for directory submission method of building links really works? what SEO Links Building Techniques really works?

10 Seo Links Building Strategy That Works

are arranged based on there relative importance, and due to there proof to be found working by other Bloggers.

1. Create a Blog: As long as it depend on you,on your site should be the site with the highest number of links from you, and the best way to do this is building a Blog to your niche , f you already have a Blog, that means you good to go.

2. Ask for link: The best way to get links is to ask for it, most Bloggers are kind in heart to give, you could make an inresistable offer which they may surely like. One way to get there Attention is through contact forms and whois domain look up.

3. Profile Links: Most profile has an alternated space, for extra filed to input website or an about page url, and inputing your website address is no bad ideal, usually. Prefer using a profile link, and make sure my site name is my username.

4. Forum signature: Most forums allows the use of Signature, this is a legal way to place links that get clicks.

5. Create a theme: usually I use this method, and to me, its simply the best I had ever used and that worked for me, at one of my old blogs, usually what we do is create a free theme especially mobile press theme of WordPress mobile edition and share to the public, adding an inremovable link at the footer, and thus gained links naturally by installation.

6. Create a plugin: this option is quite similar to the create theme option. When you create a free Gadget or widget you get extra ordinary links form it, by stylishly adding your links to the plugin.

7. Get Readers: When you get readers, you get unique visitor
And when users are satisfied, they tell others, and that’s a cool links to be used as an example the easy way.

8. Write uniquely: Uniqueness is the key to neutrality and its the credit you get is reference (Links). Writing it first, writing it different matters a lot.

9. Build relationship:
Like mentioned early building intimate relationship is yet another means to get free backlinks through shares by friends.

10.Write News and Tips: sites like, gets free and compusry backlinks because they write it first, they write mainly news, and people reference them, just llie am doing now.