Blogging to many newbies is just yet another easy job, one could get into and generate more money for him self. But just before I get into many stories and education about Blogging, I would like to correct that impression that Blogging isn’t promising, and involving in it isn’t a sure guarantee for a pay back on your job welldone.

Last article I explained few silly mistakes most blog newbie always make and how to overcome them, however they are mistake and we are imperfect, that means we are all liable to make mistakes , and what keep us together is the rules, breaking the rules would be a very bad ideal.

Today I would share with you
10+ Blogging Rules For Blogging Newbies, so you could get along and be on the safer sides, at thee end of this rules you surely would 5 see reasons you really need to obey and keep the rules.

10+ Blogging Rules For Blogging Newbies

1. Be precise: write brief and don’t bored me with stories, stay short but informative, I.e write in summary, a user analytic report tells that an individual would stay not less than 5 minutes comfortably on a single web page and after then he gets unnecessary bored navigating through the pages.

Remember that just that first visit made by your reader, determines a lot, it determines,if the person would come back or not.

2. Maintain Originality: Be original and avoid direct copy paste, after all you don’t need to write it, knowing you could get penalized by search engine for copy pasted content.

3. Write regularly: Don’t be a seasonal write, don’t write few in a month, but continuously if daily or weekly update your Blog, however never you mistake Quantity with Quality.

Little wonder a blog with just 100 Article would survive and supercide more than a forum with 5,000 post.

4. Don’t Ever Forget Seo: Granted Seo is not a one day job or exercise,but as long as it depends on you continually do search engine optimization, if you probably don’t want to get ban by search engine.

5. Use Images: Writing doesn’t solve it all, a single piece of infographics, tells more story than a thousand piece of words.

6. Engage: Engage in what?, engage your readers into commenting,one effective way to do this is integrating a forum in your Blog, if you are using WordPress I recommend- BBpress, Anspress and CM answer. They are very simple and yet effective tools to keep readers in touch.

7. Build Back links: here is yet another best way to rank high, for relative position in aposition with related content, links build tells more about your blog to search engine than your written article, however there are indeed great penalty for building of back links as a guest.

8. Its Never about you: Blogging is not a conference hall, and never a place where you tell life touching stories about your self, or things you do, and as long as it depends on you, never add your personal experience to your written article.

9. Discover your Number one Reader interest: doing this would make you no what line of concentration you should be.

How do I know my Number one Reader?, your number one reader,is that person that comments on all post on your blog he likes, he continually commend you, and continually read your article, and that should be your Blogging point.

Believe me you once one person loves what you write, that millions would like also.

10. Keep Calm and Remain patient: Keep calm and wait for a pay of, and sincerely believe me you, when you receive your first pay you wouldn’t remember you once read his rules, and believe me you, you are good to go by this 10 basic rules

What’s Missing?
If you notice, social media sharing wasn’t there, yes its not, because its not a penalty.

After all affiliate nice sites are not ban for lack of social signal strength.

In Conclusion
Breaking the rules isn’t just a day activity, it starts from a day to another, unnoticed by you, until it accumulates and turns back at you.

Reading through carefully , you would notice they is just one constant penalty which is ban by search engines.

That said and done, your resolution should be changing and observing the rules if you weren’t , why not bookmark this rules and make it a checklist , and pray you don’t experience the penalty of ban.

Hope that was informative 🙂