10+ Best Sites to Create a Blog For Free 2014

Am sure you might have heard about the term blogging for quite a while and maybe some how one way you decided to check on some free websites you could create a free blog of your own, and today i shall share top 10 best sites to create a free blog

1. is the free version of the popular wordpress paid blog, which is, with you can create cool ,good looking and elegant wordpress blog, with plugins to ease up functionality.

2. weebly


with weebly you could create a professional business and event website or blog, with cool drag and drop feature, requiring to level of knowledge of programming from you.

3. Blog

blogsBlog is yet another free blog tool to help you create either a fashion blog, or a business or event blog, with ease and few steps.

4. zoho

zoho siteszoho is just a simple procedure tool to help you build a blog or website in minutes, it has no drag and drop features, but its promising to bring your website on top of your ideals.

5. Blogger

bloggerBloggers blog is another free widely used blogging software to create super b and perfect web site, powered by Google, and could be accessed by every one who owns a gmail account, although it has some restricted features.

6. Thoughts


just like it name implies, it helps you to build your thought of a website into a reality and not just a dream, by just picking your thoughts from a tag cloud list of categories you have got your website or blog on the web.

7. Sosblogs


Create a free blog with ease, from a sheared host server with sosblogs the easy way. sosblogs also offers a create a forum option.



Penzu is yet another free website tool to create a Journal , be it private, travel or any type of Journal you need.



create a blog where you could set downloads for videos,images, music and many more, tumblr is yet another effective tool to set a website started in minutes.



webs is yet another helpful tool to get a blog ir website started with no level of programming or webdesign, you could get your website or blog started in minutes or in seconds.